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Fornax aForum Angel posted Mar 8, 14


I hope you can forgive the sudden disappearance of the Herald from your doorsteps. As with all things in life, the plans we make and what actually happens are often very different; This has been the case with The Herald Project. Real life would not allow me the time to continue and it had to take precedent. The paper ended up being mothballed as things progressed, and my endeavours eventually ceased here completely. 

Happily the whirling mass of chaos has finally subsided, and I find myself in a position to return to the community. 

I will be starting small, creating one edition a month to cover the unfolding events of the living story. 

RP Support:

If there are any guilds/players who want to have events promoted by the Herald please get in touch. I am more than happy to create posters for events, and guild promotions. I will not be able to cover in game events personally, but will happily product editions using your written work - if it's proofed and spell checked.

Thanks for your continued support.

Contramundi086 im glad you are back,i miss the Herald ;) you have the same mail right? i shall get to write some news pieces myself to ...

New Front Page Site

Fornax aForum Angel posted Apr 1, 13
Dear Readers, 

In order to give you the best experience we can, the Krytan Herald has created a new Front Page site. 
Please head over to The Krytan Herald on WordPress and let us know what you think. 
What kind of changes or additions would you like to see? Please let is know.  

This enjin forums is a vital resource for the paper and we have no intention of changing how we do business here. So if you like the Herald just how she is, you will experience no changes. 

We want to grow as an RP resource, and your feedback and comments are vital. So join the conversation and help us better server you and your RP needs.

Kindest regards

The Blackstar Radio Interview

Fornax aForum Angel posted Mar 8, 13

The Blackstar Radio 

Crystarr, Gyrox, Lhyrisa and I had a great time on the show. Kelli and Stewie were great hosts and we hope to return to the show again in the future. 

Fornax <3

Fornax aForum Angel Kall will be please! haha <3
Kelli reporter btw if you listen to this i left the request song in here as well haha
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The Herald Printing Press

Fornax aForum Angel posted Feb 12, 13

The Herald Printing Press

 Herald Edition Journals & Manuscripts

See your stories brought to life by the brilliant art work of Guild Wars 2. 

Herald Edition Journal Example:              

Herald Edition Manuscript Example:         

If you are interested in this free service, please pm me or reply on our Fan Fiction Forums.

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I was wondering if we could cover FFXIV as well? As I play both games <3 Not sure if that's too much though!
Apologies for my absense! Having some stories come up soon! They are saved in my file and will be doing event coverage.
Moving House = Back in about a week!
Writing day tomorrow ~ There should be new stories for all the editions by Friday! <3
Away for three days - /wave try to stay cool everyone
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